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Mar 27, 2020 01:49 am    

The interior style depends on the design and style of the throw pillow. They are as indispensable as the lipstick on the dresser, and they are so versatile that they can easily change the overall style of the room. You don't have to worry about changing the style being opposed by your family.

The following is a share from designer Megan Morton to teach you how to use pillow case design to improve your home improvement style!

1.Choose some floral style throw pillow cases that are in harmony with your original tone. If there are frescoes with brighter tones at home, you can add more neutral home decorations to balance them.

2.If your living room is dominated by neutral colors, you can choose two or three bold color throw pillow cases to add a little color to the whole space. The more neutral your room is, the more color print pillow cases you add.

3.Don't worry about the mix of pillow cases with various textures, from velvet to silk to fur. As long as you like, the combination can also make your home look comfortable and fashionable.

4.Try changing the style of your existing throw pillow cases to give the house a fresh look.

5.When you decide to change the style of your house, look for inspiration in the things you like. For example, if you have a silk scarf that you really like, you can ask someone to customize it and copy the color and design of the scarf onto the pillow case.

6.Use hand to make some wrinkles in the middle of the throw pillows to make them look softer and livelier.It can also break the usual shape and put the different color and shape of the throw pillow in combination.

7.If all the pillows are the same size, it seems a little too organized. Therefore, we should choose different sizes and shapes of throw pillows to create a warm feeling of family life.

8.If you want a neutral room, gray and yellow pillow cases are a good match, not too feminine.

9 in small space, the collocation of contrast color block with horizontal line and vertical line will give people a different feeling visually.

10 if your home is mainly cement tone, adding some metal texture throw pillow cases will be more fashionable, try to choose monochromatic but exquisite edges of throw pillow cases, so that the overall style to maintain a simple atmosphere.

That's all for today's Tips. Did you learn it? Get moving and change some fancy throw pillow cases.

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