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Apr 21, 2020 03:49 pm    

Our job is to discover the beauty of home decoration life, contact and create beauty, and share the inspiration of these minimal line drawing pillow covers with you.

Minimal line drawing of woman's folded arms - Anna Throw Pillow

The simple lines of the white pillow cover painted the appearance of woman's folded arms, with a "small arrogant" attitude. This pattern is very interesting. I'd like to share it with you.

Nude back line drawing illustration - Drew Throw Pillow

This minimal line style of painting style pillow covers design I particularly like, a large area of blank, a few simple lines, draw a wonderful artistic conception, let people have more imaginative space. A few chic sketches seem to be somewhat abstract, but when these patterns are printed on the pillow cover, they are casual but have an attitude.

Hands line drawing illustration - Dia Throw Pillow

The illustrator uses minimal lines to depict the essence of a woman's posture in each picture, and draws an infinite and graceful posture with limited lines. The slender female hands show vividly the graceful posture of the human body. From their brush strokes and the space outlined by the lines, you can feel the beauty of "Less is More". Printing these paintings on the custom pillow covers has become a view of the minimalist home.

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