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Dec 20, 2019 02:05 am    

The rugs in home decoration has gradually become an indispensable decoration, which makes the original cool room warm immediately. In recent years, there are more and more rugs styles, rich colors, gorgeous graphics, different sizes, dazzling people. The rise of creative rugs makes home more and more personalized.

The custom rugs size selection depends on the rug location

In the early decoration style, if the use of rugs, they like to cover the whole room, now a lot of public places will be so designed. But at home, it's a little more cost-effective to use a small rug:

  1. Easy to change:
    Not only can be pulled down to clean, but also can be changed at any time, changing the style of home.
  1. Match the floor:
    Will not completely cover your carefully selected wooden floor, the rug and the floor are more layered.

The choice of size depends on the location of the rug:

  1. Sofa area:
    For the largest three-person sofa, it is more than enough to choose a rug of 200 × 300cm.
    For ordinary sofas, 160x 230cm or 140x 200cm is the most common size.
  1. Dining table area:
    Most of them are about 120 × 160cm, and of course it has something to do with the size of your table. Make sure you can step on the rug with your feet on the carpet when the chair is open.
  1. Bedside, case desk:
    The width is about 50 mi 70 cm, and the length depends on your family. Of course, the above data are for reference only, the size of each furniture is different, before buying, you must determine the effect you want, measure the size, the general rug can be customized according to the size; or buy a little bigger to cut by yourself.

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