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May 26, 2020 03:39 am    

Whether it's drying after a swim, or lounging on the beach in the sun (and sunscreen, of course! )Beach towels are essential for summer. But not all beach towels are the same.

Beach towel is soft and absorbent, rich in color and full of vitality. Find the best beach towel for you to keep you dry, sand-free, and comfortable this summer, whether you are at the beach, swimming pool, or picnic.

To make sure you buy the best beach towel before you buy it, you should understand the important advantages of beach towel:

one love,beach towel,colorful,best,design,beach

1.Size: beach towels are bigger than ordinary bath towels - about 60in longer and 30in wider.

2.Thickness is slightly thin: the beach towel is relatively thin. Its water absorption is not so good but enough to dry your body, which also means it has the characteristics of quick-drying, small size, lightweight, and easy to carry.

Water absorption: if your beach towel is mainly used for lying on the beach, try a sand-free or comfortable beach towel. A more luxurious and absorbent strong option is more suitable for drying in the pool or beach after swimming.

laid-back life beach towel,blue,best,custom,design,beach

3.Gorgeous colors: beach towels are generally designed to look bright and colorful, with conflicting colors and complicated patterns; on the beach where people are coming and going, a beach towel with a strong sense of existence is laid, but it's a sharp tool for occupying the position; in addition, choose the color and pattern you like, which is a fashion accessory when taking photos.

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