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Nov 20, 2019 02:40 am    

No matter what kind of bag is not suitable for long time frequent use, after using for a period of time needs to be placed for a short time. If you don't use other bags to replace it for a month or even a few months, you will find that soon the corners or straps of the bags will be worn and damaged, and the inner liner of the bag will be broken and drawn. This is not caused by quality problems, but a normal phenomenon of long-term use.

Tips for daily maintenance of tote bags

Life tip 1: when the tote bag is not used after cleaning and drying, you can use a white paper towel to wrap it, which can prevent the tote bag printing pattern string color, also can prevent the white tote bag yellow.

Life tips 2: what daily tote bag maintenance tips? That means, of course, putting it in an opp bag when not in use, sealed and laid flat, so that it doesn't wrinkle or collect dust. Sealing also has the advantage that the tote bag is not easy to appear mildew on wet days.

Tips for daily maintenance of tote bags

Life tips :3: if the tote bag has a zipper design part, apply some candle oil for a long time to prevent the zipper from rusting and pull smoothly.

Life tips 4: tote bag ink flavor of what tips? It can be taken out at regular intervals and placed in a cool, airy place to blow away the smell of printing ink on the tote bag as well as the smell of the material itself. Avoid exposure to the sun.

Tips for daily maintenance of tote bags

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