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Dec 09, 2019 03:42 am    

Nowadays, there are countless ways for young people to show their love. in addition to spoiling their girlfriends every day, what is more important is to wear a custom couple's T-shirt. all kinds of street shots, photos and moments, and the eye-catching index is quite high, and the single friends can only silently envy and swallow this mouthful of dog food.

Young people should be full of energy, full of passion for life, print a few simple letters on the T-shirt, this low-key way of showing love, not flamboyant but very warm.Girls can also customize men's T-shirts, boyfriend's T-shirt is your skirt, this way of showing love, different colors, the same loose, as if showing your unruly attitude towards life, chest simple letter printing as embellishment, simple but not ordinary. Customized couple outfit is the easiest way to show affection. It doesn't require too much brainstorming. It's a one-button copy way.

Tips on customized couples'T-shirts

If your boyfriend / girlfriend is a shy person, think the identical couple outfit is a bit too eye-catching, it doesn't matter, you can try different items of the same color is also very special, your shirt is my skirt, your pants are my T-shirt, this way of echoing up and down, simple and unobtrusive, surprisingly simple to learn.
Tips on customized couples'T-shirts

Anime bears the childhood of our generation. We print our favorite anime works on lovers' T-shirts. Wearing cartoon characters with full memories and humorous lettering, we can't help but want to see more. Lovers wear customized anime T-shirts, and the degree of love has improved a lot in an instant.

Customization is the need to print specially designed patterns on the T-shirt, so this requires the t- shirt to need good fabric, because printing will easily involve shrinkage, color fastness, pattern cutting and color, and so on, so if customization is needed, choose the more high-quality fabric of the t- shirt. Then there is the printing process, because I don't know what your pattern looks like, but if it is a complex pattern, the lines are more and thin, which requires the printing process to be more mature in edge processing, if the technology is not good. the effect of pattern printing is likely to be affected, including colors, lines, edge lines, and so on.
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