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Mar 06, 2020 01:12 am    

Tote bag is a kind of casual, lightweight, versatile, can be installed without expensive items, easy to carry at the same time, but also can express themselves through the pattern on the Tote bag. Tote bags in addition to matching a lot of clothes style, the other biggest feature is practical, super-large capacity can hold books, cosmetic bags, tablets, etc.



Custom Tote bag pattern-illustration

The second dimension---Anime seems to be a big label for youth. The animation and the illustrations derived from it are very common patterns in Tote bags. Whether it is the Q version or the normal illustration, it can be an excellent design on the Tote bag.


Custom Tote Bag Pattern-Photo

After talking about the second dimension, the third dimension is the next one. What we see every day when we open our eyes in this world, but our attention is generally on the mobile phone, so we don't go to observe the world. And the photos are a group of people who like to observe the world. Recorded by people who recorded the world, and such pictures are our lives.



Custom Tote bag pattern-text

In addition to pictures, the text is the most capable way to express your inner attitude, and the presentation of the text is more concise and clear. Whether in English or Chinese, it can be expressed most directly and is most easily understood.

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