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Apr 10, 2020 03:36 am    

It is easy to see that people who like bathroom shower curtain decoration are interested in the 2020 spring print trend. Printing pattern, as a major element in the shower curtain decoration design, has always been spoiled, and its ever-changing forms and colorful colors have always fascinated people.

Today we will take a look at the 2020 spring shower curtain printing trend which is worth paying attention to the printed shower curtain trend.

Floral World Map Shower Curtain

Printed shower curtains pattern trends in 2020 include a pullback to spring, such as various flowers, butterflies and tie-dyes, while others are classic styles such as diamond patterns, plaid patterns, Paisley patterns, brocade and checkered patterns.

Floral moth painting Shower Curtain

Realism print
It's not necessarily surprising to see flowers as part of the spring printing trend in 2020, but to be fair, we expect them to appear more in the spring.

FLORAL BEETLE Shower Curtain

The beautiful shower curtain is printed with the flower pattern in the garden. These realistic flowers with stems and thorns give people a romantic feeling, both primitive and a little rough.

Red Rose On Piano Keys Shower Curtain

There are similar solid flower design inspiration, especially using roses, and showing their stems and thorns. Many shower curtain designs also use realistic prints in spring 2020 products.

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