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Dec 05, 2019 02:28 am    

"The best idea is to come in the shower" is a very common expression.We think better when we're in the shower, and that's been proven by research, and we'll come back to the question of why that is, but before that, there are some advantages to decorative shower curtains.

Using shower curtains to manipulate the "shower mind"
English Bulldog Yoga in Pink Shower Curtain

Using cute, fun or other unique shower curtains to manipulate your thoughts is actually a basic method. The things we’re exposed the most are the things we’ll think about. Why don't we think about shower in terms of good, comfort or release in our life?I don't like to come back from work and still think in the shower. It's too bad.

Using shower curtains to manipulate the "shower mind"
Mood Shower Curtain

Instead of using a simple design, it's better to choose a more vivid, cheerful or colorful shower curtain design. Instead, it's better to choose the curtain needed for every day, every shower and every "thinking in the shower". Why not have this meeting on the beach or your next vacation? With pleasant tropical shower curtain design.According to the research, our best idea comes from the shower, because you are more likely to have creative insight when doing monotonous things (such as fishing, sports or shower).

Using shower curtains to manipulate the "shower mind"
Salvador Dali Shower Curtain

Another reason is that shower is where our best ideas come from. Shower is a relaxing activity. When you feel comfortable, truly great ideas come to the most relaxed places, and your brain releases dopamine, which also increases your creativity.

Therefore, you should make your bathroom as calm as possible, and use our beautiful shower curtains to create your ultimate thinking space. You may change your life, who knows what you will invent.

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