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Mar 02, 2020 08:36 am    

We often see pure white T-shirts in the street in summer. Pure white T-shirts must be versatile. But every day is pure white T-shirt will inevitably appear the phenomenon of visual fatigue. Why not try a color custom printed T-shirt? Compared with those pure white T-shirts, color T-shirts can bring richer visual experience and colorful young vitality. For color custom printed T-shirts, here are some very beautiful color T-shirts recommended.

  1. Color pattern T-shirt when we are tired of a white T-shirt, we can try a color pattern T-shirt. Whether you want to be young or stable, the printed color T-shirt is a very expressive garment. Custom pattern T-shirts are easy to handle. Most importantly, printed T-shirts are widely used. It's very different, matching jeans or pants.
  1. Color background T-shirt can show their personality on the printed pattern or different feelings on the overall color of the T-shirt. Like a pink T-shirt, it's a very sweet T-shirt for girls. When paired with short skirts, it feels more lovely.
  1. Color logo T-shirt when we see all kinds of solid color T-shirts on the street, there are some special logo T-shirts in these solid color T-shirts. The color of these T-shirts is only a small part of people's vision, so they won't be noticed at all. However, because of the decoration of these color logos, these ordinary T-shirts can be transformed into different visual conflicts.

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