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Digital printing clothing. The pattern is input to the computer in digital form, edited by the computer printing separation and drawing system, and the micro-piezo inkjet nozzle is controlled by the computer to dye the special dye. The liquid is sprayed directly onto the textile to form the desired pattern. Printing is divided into "coating, active, dispersing", etc. according to different dyes, and is divided into "drum printing", "reactive printing", "transfer printing", and "digital printing" according to the printing and dyeing process. Digital printing is the most popular printing process nowadays.

What are the advantages of digital printing in clothing customization?

What are the advantages of digital printing in clothing customization? 
Digital printing has the advantages of fast response speed and high printing quality, which shortens the production cycle of printed clothing, expands the performance of clothing fabrics, makes clothing styles more diversified and personalized, and thus meets the small batch, high cost of clothing fabrics. Demand for precision, environmental protection and fashionable design.
1.The material of clothing fabric pattern is more extensive
Digital printing uses scanning or computer-made methods to present all materials in the form of digitized patterns and changes and combinations of computer-related design software to present novel visual images.

  1. The color of clothing fabric patterns is more free
    Digital printing breaks through the limitations of traditional printing, and can flexibly create color combinations, change colors quickly, and easily complete the performance of color gradients, cloud patterns, and realistic colors. Digital printing patterns are not affected by the number of colors and screen registration errors, and the patterns have vivid colors and rich levels.
    What are the advantages of digital printing in clothing customization?


  1. Innovate the composition of clothing custom patterns
    Compared with traditional printed fabric patterns that follow the repeating combination pattern of unit shapes, digital printing breaks through the limitation of the circular arrangement of unit patterns. The size of repeating units can also be determined freely, and the concept of fabric margins can be ignored in a certain range. This freedom of design enables designers to give full play to their creative ability, to be more creative in pattern composition, and to bring new creative entry points for designers in the application of apparel fabrics. In particular, the advantages of digital printing in pattern positioning and cut piece printing open up the diversity of clothing fabric composition methods.
  2. The design idea of ​​clothing fabric pattern is more powerful
    The high precision of digital printing can realize the design and creation of exquisite photo images and details, providing convenience for designers in conceptual design and artistic creation, and enriching the function and meaning of decorative patterns in clothing. For example, at the 2015 autumn and winter women's conference in Paris, the Japanese designer Jinsen Qianli presented Japanese manga on his clothing of the same name, incorporating Pop art design concepts into the clothing, giving the clothing a unique visual and psychological feeling. Designers draw inspiration from comics and give clothing a new meaning. Digital printing enables designers to transfer the comics in the book to clothing fabrics. Comics on clothing fabrics allow designers to express their design concepts.
  3. The decorative effects of clothing fabric patterns are rich and varied
    Digital printing can achieve the performance of a variety of complex pattern effects, breaking through the limitations of traditional printing processes. Through the change of pattern design and creative methods, the visual field of clothing fabric pattern effects has been expanded, and special pattern effects such as three-dimensional effects, motion effects, blending effects, light effects, psychedelic effects, and tie-dye effects have been produced. , Watercolor effect, texture effect, simulation effect, neon effect, etc. Digital printing has promoted the popularity of innovative effects of clothing fabric patterns, increasing the interest and vividness of clothing.
    What are the advantages of digital printing in clothing customization?


  1. The realization of clothing fabric patterns is fast and convenient
    Compared with the tedious process of traditional printing technology in sample clothing printing, digital printing greatly simplifies the production process of clothing sample clothing printing, shortens the production cycle of clothing sample clothing, and enables printed patterns to be quickly and conveniently realized on clothing fabrics. It is especially suitable for the requirements of small batches of stage clothing and high-level custom clothing, as well as clothing labels, scarves, ties and other clothing accessories. Digital printing is also very flexible in the way of clothing. It can be printed on clothing fabrics and ready-to-wear, or on clothing pieces to achieve overall or partial printing performance.
    Digital printing dyes are ink-on-demand, which reduces the waste of chemical products and the discharge of waste water. The ink-jetting has low noise, is quiet and clean, and has no environmental pollution, realizing a green production process. The digital printing process simplifies the tedious process, eliminates the complicated screen printing and color matching paste processes of traditional printing, takes orders, greatly reduces the cost of proofing, fast delivery, and can achieve timely delivery.

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