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May 06, 2020 08:00 am    

What is the effect of cotton masks and how to distinguish the types of masks? Nowadays, with the increasing pollution of car exhaust, smog and other bad weather, there are more and more people wearing masks. A necessity. At present, there are many mask materials on the market. Today I will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of different types of masks to help you make better choices.
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  1. Cotton cloth mask
    Advantages: keep warm, can be repeatedly washed and used, and the filter effect can be maintained by changing the filter.
    Disadvantages: Breathing is not very comfortable, repeated use, easily lead to pollution or bacterial infection, unhygienic.
    Note: There are many cotton masks on the market that contain carcinogenic fluorescent agents. They can easily enter the human body through the nose and mouth and cause harm to the human body.
  2. Fashionable cotton masks
    Advantages: keep warm, can be repeatedly cleaned and used, beautiful personality.
    Disadvantages: It has no protective effect on smog, and it is easy to cause pollution or bacterial infection after multiple uses, that is, unhygienic. In addition, most of the printing and dyeing materials contain heavy metals that are harmful to the human body, so it is not recommended for long-term use.
  3. Medical non-woven masks
    Advantages: good bacteria and virus filtration effect, comfortable ventilation, clean and hygienic.
    Disadvantages: poor sealing.
    Note: When choosing, you should choose a smooth or soft mask. This kind of mask is suitable for the haze weather and flu season throughout the year, and it can also be worn two at a time to increase its sealing and protective effect.
  4. Activated carbon mask
    Advantages: good bacteria and virus filtration effect, can absorb odor, formaldehyde and slight poisonous gas.
    Disadvantages: poor breathability.
    Note: The market does not exclude unscrupulous businesses that use black cloth as activated carbon, so when selecting, you can open the activated carbon mask and rub the activated carbon cloth to see if black carbon particles fall. In addition, when wearing a mask, the black side must face outwards, and it is forbidden to touch the mouth. This kind of mask is suitable for places with odor, odor or formaldehyde exceeding the standard.
  5. KN90 & KN95 masks
    Advantages: good dust filtering effect and good sealing effect.
    Disadvantages: It is stuffy and uncomfortable, which can easily cause respiratory diseases.
    Note: It is recommended not to wear it for a long time, 1-2 hours is enough, and you can take off your breath for about half an hour on the way. It is best not used for the elderly, children, patients with respiratory diseases and frail people.
    Custom masks are fun and versatile.At ordinary times, we can choose creative masks made with good materials.
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