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What are the cleaning and maintenance methods of custom canvas bags

Spring and summer are seasons in which canvas bags are used very frequently. If you use them more, custom canvas bags will be easily dirty. Therefore, we need to clean our canvas bags frequently. Although the cleaning and maintenance of canvas bags is not as complicated and troublesome as leather bags But we still need to pay attention to some problems when cleaning and maintaining, so as not to wash bad bags is not good. So, how to wash the csutom canvas bags?
  If the canvas bag is not contaminated with any special stains, you can directly put the entire bag in water and clean it with a brush, but you need to clean the area where there are obvious stains. For example, if the bag is stained with oil, it can be washed with detergent. When you want to wash it thoroughly, use a soft-bristled brush to rinse it thoroughly. In addition, if you are afraid of the bag fading, you can add salt or white vinegar in water, soak the bag for about 30 minutes, and then wash it. This method can effectively prevent discoloration.

The background color of many canvas bags is white, and there are many color patterns on it. Such bags can easily cause cross-coloring if you don't pay attention when cleaning. It is recommended to wash such bags with a mild and mild lotion, such as shampoo, or a fabric softener such as detergent and gold spinning, mainly to prevent alkaline lotions from harming the skin, but Be careful not to let the leather surface inhale too much water. It is recommended to scrub the leather surface with a clean cotton cloth.

  Of course, the final drying is an important step. If you are afraid of stringing, wrap the cleaned bag with a large amount of toilet paper. Be sure to stick to the surface of the bag. This will prevent stringing and yellowing of the canvas surface.  Special attention should be paid to dry in the shade or air to prevent direct sunlight, and when drying, it is best to turn the lining of the bag out to dry. This can also prevent the surface of the bag from being damaged during the drying process.

What are the cleaning and maintenance methods of custom canvas bags

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