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Jan 15, 2020 06:39 am    

Life is the source of creativity. Creativity comes from culture and from ourselves. Art is the sublimation of life, and design is the presentation of art. Customizing campus t-shirts is not only a manifestation of our creativity, but also a way of our practical talents. Let's take a look at the printed patterns of custom campus T-shirts and cultural shirts!

  1. I don't know how many people have seen this anime. Although I don't watch any anime myself, I saw this ghost destroying blade before seeing the ghost anime god work. It is also inspired by Tanjiro and the ghost killing team to fight ghosts all the way, cotton quality + loose version, salty and sweet style wild.
  2. A minimalist design, inspired by the original agreement between the gangs in hiphop culture, pay attention to everyone to live in peace and love, not provocative! Extending to the present, if the battle is too hot or excited, words such as peace will be said. This layer means peace, which is also the most common meaning of everyone! It also symbolizes the unity and love of the class, and peaceful coexistence!
  1. As always, it is still anime and cartoon elements. It is not the latest hot and new fan, but one of the classic and long-lasting anime characters-Crayon Shinchan will not rot the street, nor lose its personality and trends Trendy cartoons can always break the original dullness and immutability, bring us a new feeling, and impact our visual senses. The perfect blend of supreme and Xiaoxin, showing the hard work and positive attitude towards life, everybody chooses!
  2. This masterpiece of the last century is not like an animation published in 1988 at all. The completeness is changed to be very advanced now. The class service pattern shows the elements of science and technology and CocoCola. This dress is a tribute to this god-made animated movie!
  3. As a flower of the motherland, if I have some ability, I will be obliged to dedicate it to the motherland ~ The sun-like lines of the sun are matched with the flowers of the motherland, and NEVER GIVE UP !!! !
  4. The trend of the times-the requirements for tide products are even more, how can the class service lag behind, the print on the chest echoes the text. There is a simple text pattern on the back, which is not only generous but also has the trend. Is this class uniform not attractive?
  5. The tide gold color really is a more dazzling color ~ Remember that the school's teaching director often sneaks on the playground at night, can't fall in love, can't wear couple clothes, but finally has a chance to buy couple clothes boldly!

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