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1)Customized Mouse pad buyers, according to the actual needs of the mouse pad material, specifications, quantity; consult the mouse pad manufacturer; mouse pad manufacturers according to the detailed data provided by the mouse pad buyer to quote the price.

Cool Customized mouse pad

2) Mouse pad manufacturers, according to customer requirements, send samples for mouse pad buyers, refer to the mouse pad manufacturer's material, specifications, workmanship, printing and other processes.
  Green cool customized mouse pad
3) Mouse pad buyers determine the materials, specifications, printin-g effects, and quantities of mouse pads they want to customize; meanwhile, mouse pad manufacturers are required to draft mouse pad purchase contracts.

Amazing customized moused pad

4) Mouse pad buyers and mouse pad manufacturers; both parties sign a mouse pad purchase contract, and seal and sign the contract to reach a final intention.

Good-looking customized mouse pad

5) The mouse pad buyer pays a 30% deposit to the mouse pad manufacturer; the mouse pad manufacturer prepares raw materials and begins production.
6) The production period of the mouse pad, according to the number of mouse pad buyers, generally notify the mouse pad buyers after 3 days, all mouse pads are ready, and can be shipped.
7) Mouse pad buyers provide detailed recipients, contact numbers, addresses, etc .; wait for the delivery company or freight logistics company to notify the delivery.
8) The mouse pad purchaser can deliver 70% of the mouse pad to the courier company or freight logistics company.

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