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What effect does mouse mat have?

Its main function is to prevent the reflection and refraction of the surface of glass and other special materials from affecting the positioning of the mouse sensor, and to provide a convenient plane for the mouse sensor system to calculate the motion vector.It also helps protect the desktop from damage during mouse use.
It can reduce the aggregation of debris at the bottom of the mouse, thus reducing the phenomenon of frame hopping on the display during the use of the mouse, effectively enhancing the precise positioning of the mouse in use, and reducing the influence of various external factors on the mouse.The disadvantage of not using a mouse pad is that it can not ensure the accuracy of mouse positioning, and the wear on the bottom foot of the mouse is too much.
Use skills
I. operation instructions
The mouse is a device that manually controls the position of the cursor.Systems commonly use a two-button or three-button mouse.
The mouse is connected to the interface of the rear panel of the host device through the mouse line, and the plug at the end of the mouse line is inserted vertically into the interface of the rear panel of the device.
The mouse can do things like determine the cursor position, select the menu item you want to run from the menu bar, move copied files between different directories and speed up the movement of files.
You can define mouse buttons, such as selecting objects or abandoning them, depending on the software you use.
Second, use attention
Use the mouse for operation should be careful, improper use of the mouse will damage, use the mouse should pay attention to the following points:
1, avoid using the mouse in clothes, newspapers, carpets, rough wood and other surfaces with low finish;
2, do not knock the mouse;
3, the mouse should not be moved in the box;

  1. Do not use the mouse under high temperature and strong light;
    5, do not put the mouse into the liquid.
What effect does mouse mat have?

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