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Apr 24, 2020 06:48 am    

Before I was engaged in the towel industry, I had never heard of beach towels. Many people have questions like me, what is a custom beach towel? What are the uses of beach towels, now I will tell you in detail.

Custom Beach Towels
Cool Printed Beach Towels

Beach towels are actually a term used by foreigners. Foreigners often use beach towels. But it is rarely seen in China, which has something to do with domestic consumption level and life concept. Beach towels are also called beach towels. The process is the cut pile printing process. The beach towels are actually the same size as our domestic bath towels, and they are made of pure cotton. So what is the weaving of the cut pile printing process? Cut velvet is a treatment process of bath towels. The bath towels are piled on both sides from the loom, and the current printing products are required to be printed on a flat and smooth cloth. then what should we do? So there is the technology of cut pile. Cut pile is to cut the coil in half, so that the bath towel is suitable for printing. High-level factories can print and print like oil paintings and as high-end decorations. Nowadays, foreign products generally require cut velvet because the color of the cut velvet products is delicate and the feel is comfortable.

Rest on a beach towel
Custom beach towel for rest

Below you can see two pictures about beach towels, through the pictures to understand the beach towel.

After finishing the process of beach towels, let me talk about why he called beach towels, and what are the uses? As the name suggests, beach towels are often used on the beach.
With the development of the times, the transportation is becoming more and more convenient, whether it is from the north of Hainan in Shannan, in the hot summer, I like to go to the beach to avoid the heat. Especially in today ’s big cities, the walls are all made of cement and steel. People desperately want to relax on holiday, and the beach is always a sea of ​​joy. Here you can take off your shoes and let your feet relax. To experience the softness of sand. However, no matter how fun or attractive the beach is, when you are tired of playing, you can't lie down and rest, especially the beautiful women with long hair fluttering. Once you lie down in the sand, it is estimated that you wash your hair a dozen times Can't wash the fine sand. What should we do? The emergence of beach towels is to help people solve this distress, let people play with peace of mind, and lie on the beach towel to rest when they are tired. Beach towels are generally very wide and large. Like bath towels, they can be worn on the body, wrapped around the waist, tied around the head and neck, and used to wipe the body. However, the most important way for beach towels is to spread them on the beach to help people get rid of the tide and sand, so that people can lie on the beach and enjoy the sun.
In addition, beach towels have many uses, fashion, fitness, swimming, home, can also be used as towel covers, sofa cushions, etc., many uses.

Trade in bespoke beach towels

Pure cotton cut pile beach towels have clear patterns, precise printing, fullness, novelty, and sense of the times: in addition to being practical, pure cotton beach towels are also a work of art, lifelike, a painting, a decoration, giving Spiritual enjoyment, no place in the house will be unsightly. After understanding the beach towels, you should never buy counterfeit goods that are rough and miraculous, so as not to lower your taste and contaminate your room.

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