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Started by on Dec 16, 2019 – Last touched: Dec 16, 2019

Dec 16, 2019 02:08 am    

Speaking of common computer accessories such as computer mouse pads, I believe that every office staff is very familiar. In the computer accessories market, you can see a variety of different materials, different areas, and different styles of mouse pad products sold by businesses. Then, what is the role of computer mouse pads?

What is purpose of buying a mouse pad?


The design of each mouse pad is designed according to ergonomics, which is why we sometimes see a raised hand rest on the mouse pad. Such a design is to satisfy people's use of the mouse for a long time. The process reduces fatigue and soreness at the wrist.

What is purpose of buying a mouse pad?


The mouse pad itself is flat and has small textures or bumps on the surface, which is conducive to capturing the movement track of the mouse logo, reducing the phenomenon of mouse jumping frames on the display, and making the mouse positioning function more accurate.

What is purpose of buying a mouse pad?


The mouse pad is placed under the mouse, which can also greatly reduce the wear of the mouse base itself and the desktop surface, extending the life of the mouse and reducing the damage to the desktop.

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