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Apr 22, 2020 06:26 am    

What is the difference between a custom canvas bag and a nylon bag?
 Custom Canvas Bag


  1. Canvas bag is a bag made of cotton fabric or hemp fabric, which is divided into two categories: thick canvas bag and fine canvas bag. The rough canvas bag has good waterproof performance, strong and durable, and can be matched with various styles of clothes. The fine canvas bag is distinctive after dyeing and has the characteristics of fashion and beauty.
  2. The nylon bag is made of polyamide fiber, which is low in cost and relatively cheap in price, but it is not very practical, and it is easy to damage if it hits sharp objects. Therefore, it is best to choose the canvas bag first.
  3. The biggest difference between the canvas bag and the nylon bag is the material. Although the material has strong advantages, the canvas is an early cotton and linen textile, which is susceptible to moisture and mildew, while nylon is a chemical fiber product, which is easy to age and generate static electricity

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