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Whether it's a young and trendy trendy person or a prudent business man, there are always a few half-cut sleeves T shirt in the summer. It is really a magical style, whether it is cute, fashionable, retro or business Wind, half sleeves T shirt can be perfectly presented. Even if you like personality, you can choose half-length sleeves T shirt. If you wear an exclusive custom half-length sleeves T shirt, you must be 300% hot. ~ So what kind of fabrics should you choose for summer half-length sleeves T shirt ? What fabrics are cool for boys? 

What kind of fabric is good for half sleeves T shirt?

Half-sleeve T shirt custom-Mulberry silk fabric
Mulberry silk is known as winter warm and summer good, because under the microscope, 38% of the silk is hollow. When the cold current strikes, it can exert a strong cold resistance and warmth; when the weather is warmer, it is as light and comfortable as a quilt. From this point of view, silk half-cut sleeves T shirt should be the first choice for summer, but it should be noted that silk fabrics are precious and the price is very high, and ordinary people may not accept it

What kind of fabric is good for half sleeves T shirt?

Half-sleeve T shirt custom-made cotton fabric
Pure cotton is one of the most widely used fabrics in our clothing. Many of our clothing and bedding are pure cotton. It is also a very good choice to choose cotton half-length sleeves T shirt for customization in summer. Pure cotton fabric is skin-friendly and soft, breathable and absorbs sweat, and it is cost-effective compared to summer. It is the first choice for summer half-sleeve T shirt customization . It should be noted that there are actually many types of pure cotton. For example, T agency customizes different fabrics such as high count cotton, geranium cotton, and combed cotton. Each has its own advantages. We can choose according to our needs.

What kind of fabric is good for half sleeves T shirt?

 Half-sleeve T shirt custom-quick-drying fabric
Quick-drying fabrics should be familiar to some sports people. The half sleeves T shirt of quick-drying fabrics are light and breathable, and absorb moisture and perspiration, which can accelerate the drying speed of sweaty clothes and keep the body dry and comfortable. If you are a man who needs to stay outdoors, or a man who sweats a lot, you can choose a quick-drying half- cut sleeve T shirt.

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