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Started by on Nov 12, 2019 – Last touched: Nov 12, 2019

Nov 12, 2019 02:09 am    

Today is Lidong, although it is not in the strict sense of winter, but the temperature is getting lower and lower, the temperature difference is much higher in the morning and evening, the small partners should pay attention to keep warm, talk about keeping warm, warm and versatile in autumn and winter. Artifacts - Hoodies can be used in a big way~ Hoodies are definitely familiar to every little friend, so there is no need to talk about it here, then do you know what a pullover is? Many small partners think that a pullover is a hoodie, but it is not awkward.

What kind of hooded pullover is also customizable

What is a pullover?
In fact, we can know from the name, the so-called pullover is the clothes that are directly put in from the head when wearing clothes. Many people think that pullovers are hoodies. In fact, round neck hoodies and hooded hoodies can be called pullovers, but hoodies also have zipper hoodie styles. Similarly, pullovers are not just hoodies, but many t-shirts and hoodies can also be said to be pullovers.

What kind of hooded pullover is also customizable

The hooded pullover is actually a hat on the back of the pullover. It looks more stylish, cool, and has a very cute style of hooded pullover.

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