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tote products are a passion for advocating freedom and advocating adventurous spirit. For example, the sails of the Great Nautical Age, the later tote parachute, and then the totees of Renaissance painters were made of pure cotton tote. In the 16th century in the western United States, jeans and tote bags began to prevail, so basically it can be said that tote bags are a style genre that represents free and uninhibited American tooling or casual life.
It is actually a more one-sided approach to define style simply by using one material.
tote is a thick cotton or hemp fabric that was originally used on sails.
As a thicker fabric with good abrasion resistance and good air permeability, besides being used for sails, tote was later used to make shoes and bags.

What kind of style is the tote bag

At the same time, the lighter texture is also one of the reasons for the popularity of tote bags.
What kind of style is the tote bag

It is more resistant to wear than leather bags, cheaper than leather bags, and "more fit" than leather bags ... It is because of so many advantages that tote bags are extremely popular among young people.

What kind of style is the tote bag

Perhaps it is because of the use of tote bags by many young people that it gives the tote bag a young, literary, and academic feel from the side.

For a long time, many tote bags are in the shape of tote bags. The classic style of the tote bag is not out of date, and it is very convenient to use. If the shape of the tote bag was not a tote bag in the beginning, as its shape changes more and more, will everyone's inherent impression of it change?

What kind of style is the tote bag

Bucket bag style tote bag
What kind of style is the tote bag

Slightly irregular tote bag

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