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Started by on Jan 13, 2020 – Last touched: Jan 13, 2020

Jan 13, 2020 08:37 am    

Thinking back to the student life, it is hard study and noisy life. If funny can make a book, our student life must be a joke book, but after everyone slowly enters the society, the silence starts to increase, and everyone also changes. It's a little strange, so why do we need classmates? Because there are always some people who can't come to a meeting again, a career departure is always forever. The Spring Festival is approaching. The Spring Festival is an atmosphere of reunion, not just family reunion, but also reunion with classmates. What should we do if we meet strangers, and a creative and funny T-shirt is the lock that unlocks each other's atrium. Whether it's a buzzword nowadays or a ridiculous laughter among classmates, it is our common memory.

What must-have creative and funny clothes to wear for classmates

Reunion is a reunion, so it should be happy, and the customized clothes of the same classmates make everyone miss the days when they wore school uniforms together. It is not good-looking but warm, but today's t-shirts are different from the past and they are as professional as T agency The company that customizes clothes makes classmates' t-shirts become foreign and fun. And Xiaobian recommended some creative and funny clothes patterns to recall the youth.
What must-have creative and funny clothes to wear for classmates

First, emoticons
When it comes to creative and interesting patterns, the most popular is the emoticon package. Using pictures instead of text expressions carries more attitudes, emotions, and voices, and it can also trigger people's associations. Emoticon packages are sweeping like viruses. After reaching all ages, what is an emoticon package that can't be solved at classmates exchanges? Seeing the emoticon package on your body, I forgot all the embarrassment and laughed first.

What must-have creative and funny clothes to wear for classmates

The funny texts use humor to express that we are tormented by stress at the moment, and resonate with the identity of the social animal. Even in the endless era of pictures and videos, text still has its own power, and it is reflected in the ability to imprint things deeper in our minds. Not only a sentence, but now the barrage is also a very popular text form, with a noisy and joyful atmosphere like a student's career.

What must-have creative and funny clothes to wear for classmates

Third, song pictures
Each class has a class song that sang throughout our student years. Whether it was "Sailor" or "Grateful Heart", even if it seemed to be disgusting at first, it sounds like tears now, and the lyrics contain the original Together twisted the spirit of the students rushing forward, the appearance of struggle.

The end of our student career was in the noisy, free summer, and ended in a certain party, but our classmates can continually condense through a classmate party, a classmate party clothes, here Get together to design a creative outfit that belongs to us. And T company is to accompany you to design such a customized cultural shirt, and spit out the grooves of life with you, pregnant with the old, open the young joke. 

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