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Started by on Jan 06, 2020 – Last touched: Jan 06, 2020

Jan 06, 2020 09:39 am    

Advertising shirts are not only popular in summer, even in the cold winter, many businesses will customize advertising shirts mainly to play the role of mobile billboards. Which ones need attention?

What should I pay attention to in winter custom advertising shirts?

First of all, the T-shirts for advertising shirts in winter are not so suitable, but you can choose long-sleeved velvet T-shirts or sweater-style bottom shirts to customize the advertising shirts. The choice of customized fabrics for winter advertising shirts will have some particularities. The choice of clothes must keep warmth and comfort first, so the quality of advertising shirts is relatively high. You can choose a velvet sweater next. Winter advertising shirts are customized It is also necessary to consider the printing process of the advertising pattern , and it must not appear discoloration or unclear printing. You can decide which printing method to use based on the quantity. Attention should also be paid to the use of patterns and slogans. The area of ​​the selected picture should not be too large, and the definition of the pattern must be high.

What should I pay attention to in winter custom advertising shirts?

You can choose a sweater style in the style of the winter advertising shirt, which is a versatile lower body that looks good with anything.

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