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Nov 26, 2019 02:26 am    

Simple and versatile tote bags have always been very popular, whether it is a long skirt or a short skirt, a T-shirt or a hoodie, canvas shoes or small leather shoes, can be matched with tote bag. And the tote bag capacity is large, very suitable for girls who need to take a variety of things out. But with the development of the times, pure white tote bags have been difficult to meet the needs of people, people began to need more personalized tote bags-so custom tote bags came into being. Whether it is their own hand-painted patterns, or choose manufacturers to customize tote bags, are very good choices. Well, next, will introduce to you what you need to pay attention to when customizing tote bags.

What should pay attention to in customizing tote bags?

I.Custom Tote Bags-- look at the fabric.

A good custom tote bag should feel delicate when it feels. The tote bag originally belongs to the coarse linen material. It must be textured. The good canvas has a clear texture and feels a uniform and delicate feeling. And the fabric of poor quality feels rough, even hard. The lining of a custom tote bag also requires attention. Compared with the lining of chemical fiber, the lining of pure cotton is much more expensive, of course, it is stronger and not easy to draw wire, and the feel is first-class. Perhaps we often encounter this situation, the bag appearance is not bad, the lining is broken first, so when choosing the tote bag, the lining is very important. A good tote bag, the lining of this detail can not be ignored.

What should pay attention to in customizing tote bags?

II.Custom Tote Bags-look at the color.

If you look closely at the bags on the market, we will find that custom tote bags have always had fewer colors to choose from than leather or other materials, usually only pure white, beige and black. The main reason is that the fixing problem of tote bag fabric has not been well solved, can not highlight the bright color. Therefore, when customizing the tote bag, after printing the pattern, we should pay special attention to whether the color is uniform and whether the color is faded.

What should pay attention to in customizing tote bags?

III.Custom Tote Bags-workmanship.

The finer the stitches sewn in the custom tote bag, the stronger the bag, and the less likely it is to open the thread. Companies or buyers of custom tote bags should know this. Whether the tote bag is sewn with open thread or dark thread, the length of the needle should be uniform, and there should be no exposure of the thread. Pay attention to whether the stitching is free of wrinkles and whether the thread is in place to see if the thread will cause cracking of the bag.

Custom tote bags can not only be customized to show their own personality, but also can be customized as a promotion of corporate culture, or to give customers some around the company, is a good choice.Custom Tote Bags Online

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