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Jan 15, 2020 06:45 am    

Mobile phones have become our indispensable necessities. I believe that many people have the last look before going to bed, and the first look after getting up in the morning is also a mobile phone. In short, mobile phones are increasingly used in life. Production, a variety of mobile phone cases also came into being. Now more and more people like to buy a mobile phone case for their favorite mobile phone, the price of mobile phone cases is getting more and more expensive. So, how can we refurbish a yellowed phone case?

What should you when transparent phone case become yellow?


If you find that your phone case is starting to turn yellow, do n’t rush to throw it away. You can add white wine and baking soda with water, then throw your phone case in. After 20 minutes, take it out and wash it with water. After cleaning, You can see the obvious effect.

What should you when transparent phone case become yellow?


If your mobile phone case is not ordinary material, but silicone material, you need to soak the phone case in the water mentioned above for a while, and then wipe it repeatedly with a wet towel with detergent. , And finally, dry with a hairdryer, the effect is very good.


What should you when transparent phone case become yellow?

Also, there are several tips. When your phone case starts to turn yellow, you can squeeze a little toothpaste onto the phone case, and then find a clean cloth to wipe it multiple times. After cleaning, it will affect. If the phone case is not too dirty, you can also try the eraser we have used in the study, which can wipe away many dirty things.


If it is a hard phone case, you can also try soapy water, wipe it with a cloth and wipe it with a dry towel. If none of the above methods can remove the stain, you can only throw it away and buy again ~

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