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When buying clothes, I don't know if my friends will pay attention to the fabric of the clothes? In fact, the fabrics of clothes are constantly changing with the fashion trend. "Zhuliang" was all the rage in the past, but now "Zhuliang" is relatively rare. More fabrics with different characteristics have begun to enter our lives. But no matter what time, we always choose cotton fabrics. Soft, comfortable, sweat-absorbing and breathable cotton is also very suitable for making hoodies. So what should we pay attention to when customizing our cotton hoodies ? Next, I will introduce it to you.

What to pay attention to custom cotton hoodie

We all know that cotton hoodies have the characteristics of breathability and sweat absorption, and the soft texture is very suitable for summer wear. However, 100% cotton hoodies will shrink slightly during cleaning. This requires that when purchasing or customizing hoodies by hoodie manufacturers, you can choose a size larger than usual, so that it will not be worn due to shrinking hoodies. Too tight, it can give the skin ample breathing space. We can also choose some hoodie undershirts with mixed fabrics, such as the TY condensed light and thin undershirts customized by T agency , which uses a mixed fabric of cotton + polyester fiber + spandex, making full use of the advantages of the three fabrics, while Can also make up for the lack of cotton fabrics.  

What to pay attention to custom cotton hoodie

Pure cotton fabric hoodies cannot be disinfected with bleaching disinfection products, such as 84 disinfectant. These products can cause the color of cotton hoodies to fade. The most serious is that the beloved hoodies can no longer be worn. Degree. 

What to pay attention to custom cotton hoodie

It should also be noted that pure cotton hoodies and heavily discolored clothes cannot be washed together. This will cause the cotton hoodies to stain the color of faded clothes, and the stained colors will be difficult to wash off. T company customized reminder: When drying the cotton hoodie, after hanging the cotton hoodie, you can flatten it by hand, so that the hoodie after drying will not have too many wrinkles.

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