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Nov 19, 2019 02:40 am    

Talking to the most popular sweaters is hoodies, it can be said that everyone has styles. Single wear casual with a bottom, it is already a very casual and good-looking match, and don't worry about too much! As wear inside, hoodies can be worn outside with denim jackets, down jackets, etc., in response to all kinds of weather. As wear outside, the hoodie can be worn with a T-shirt, a dress, a shirt, etc. there is a lot of combination than you think. there is no style that the hoodie can't do. Next, let's introduce how to combine the hoodie.

What wear inside of hoodie?

If the hoodie covers our entire autumn and winter season, then the T-shirt is occupying the whole summer. The hoodies and T-shirts are very versatile of the combine, so there is no contradiction between them. It is recommended that the T-shirt in the hoodie be slightly longer than the hoodie, revealing a little edge, which will make it more layered. At the same time, the T-shirt inside is preferably a relatively simple solid color T-shirt, so that it does not appear too fancy.

What wear inside of hoodie?

Plaid shirt inside a hoodie

Wearing a shirt in a hoodie is not a relatively new method of wearing. Many shirts are a solid color. Changing to a plaid shirt will have different effects. Now, with a basic plaid shirt and a simple hoodie, there is not only a cumbersome feeling but a sense of layering and fashion.

What wear inside of hoodie?

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