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Jan 03, 2020 03:05 am    

The DIY t-shirt is a manifestation of young people's personality trend, and it has become a trend today. DIY custom T-shirts, do you know where you are happy to print T-shirt patterns? Let me introduce them to you below.

Where can I print a t-shirt pattern on a DIY t-shirt?

For printing T-shirt patterns, we can usually go to a certain treasure to find clothing custom sellers for printing, but because some treasures are all retail sellers, printing T-shirt patterns is not so professional, and the required printing process is lacking. The pattern cannot be completely restored. Therefore, we have another option, which is to print the pattern at a professional custom site.
Why go to print the pattern? You need to know that different patterns require different customization processes, otherwise it is very easy for the pattern to be rendered incompletely. we has customized domestic leading printing technology, with more than 20 kinds of printing processes, which can preserve the integrity of printed patterns without damage.

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