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Feb 24, 2020 08:04 pm    

Most of the customers who have custom rug demand have no more than two categories. One is to hope to add the finishing touch to the design style, and the other is to hope to add to the comfort.

Custom living room rug
With the change in household habits and the popularity of a lazy person sofa, everybody likes to sit on the ground more and more. Some want to accompany the baby to roll on the ground, some are afraid of pets lie on the ground will catch a cold, some bought a lazy person after the sofa feels lying down better than the seat. All it takes is a soft, beautiful rug. The rug of the sitting room uses frequency to be the highest should choose wear-resisting and color to bear dirty rug so. On color and material collocation, sitting room rug wants to go up with a sofa, throw pillow, curtain collocation.

Customized rug for the bedroom: improve happiness
In addition to the living room development of a "lying area in the bedroom, cloakroom also needs a" warm area "that can be barefoot fitting: wearing slippers to change clothes is so trouble, so it's better to step on the soft rug to choose the clothes to wear tomorrow.

Compared with the decorative effect, the practicability of the bedroom rug is actually more important. Can have a comfortable foothold after getting up every day, it is the beginning of the vigorous and full day. Especially for those "kids" who are angry about getting out of bed. I'm not the only one who's had trouble finding slippers all over the house. The comfort of walking on a soft carpet is beyond words. The rug is more reasonable when it is laid beside the bed, or between the mirror and the wardrobe so that slippers are not needed from the bedside to the front of the mirror, and slippers are not needed when changing clothes, which is particularly convenient.

Mrs. Maisel demonstrates the luxurious use of bedroom carpet, but you don't have to be as cover full room as she is. You'll be exhausted by cleaning. Just a little rug is enough.

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