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May 09, 2020 07:05 am    

Haze, sandstorms and other weather make us miserable. The change of the environment requires a long period of time. In life, we can only protect ourselves through tools.

Custom masks

Custom masks are indispensable in smog days. Different masks are made of mask cloths of different materials. What are the types of mask cloths? What are the mask cloths that are commonly used in our lives? Is the isolated mask cloth the same material? Let the editors reveal it to everyone today!

Custom maskes

  Mask cloth classification:
  1. Medical non-woven mask cloths, masks made of non-woven mask cloths can effectively prevent bacteria, such as the spread of germs caused by sneezing, but due to the lack of fit, they cannot be dustproof.

  1. the cotton mask cloth, the mask produced by the cotton mask cloth, the main function is to protect against cold and warmth, to avoid the cold air directly stimulating the respiratory tract, good breathability, so there is no effect of dust and bacteria.
    Cool Customized mask

      3. Activated carbon mask cloth, activated carbon mask cloth has strong adsorption capacity, can effectively prevent bacteria and dust, but if it is used for a long time, it may cause hypoxia, so everyone must pay attention to the wearing time when using it.
      4. Dust-proof mask cloth, as the name implies, is mainly used to prevent dust.
      5. N95 and above mask cloth n95 is a kind of dust mask, N means dustproof, and number means efficiency. Today, with smog prevailing, if you want to prevent pm2.5, you must use a mask above n95.

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