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When undertaking the bathroom is decorated, what cannot avoid is curtain of bath of choose and buy.Now in the market there are mainly two kinds of shower curtain can choose: textile shower curtain and plastic shower curtain.In textile shower curtain, polyester waterproof shower curtain because of its excellent characteristics become the choice of many people.Of course, there are some people in hesitation, so choose polyester shower curtain is out of what considerations?Mainly from: strength, elasticity, wrinkle resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance to six aspects to consider.Saint Jeff of Goldblum Shower Curtain

Why Choose Custom Waterproof Shower Curtain Six Reasons

1.Good strength: polyester waterproof shower curtain polyester cloth can withstand high impact strength, compared to the strength of acrylic fiber 4 times, at the same time is 20 times higher than viscose fiber.Prevent the shower curtain from being damaged due to repeated pulling by external forces

  1. Good elasticity: the elasticity of polyester cloth is close to wool and 2~3 times higher than that of nylon. As long as the tensile strength is not more than 6%, the original appearance can be completely restored.This can prevent the deformation and damage of shower curtain in the process of use and improve its service life.
  2. Good wrinkle resistance: polyester waterproof shower curtain in wrinkle resistance is better than other fiber fabrics, it maintains a good level ability, not easy to wrinkle.Able to maintain the visual effect of the space inside the bathroom.
  3. Good heat resistance: the shower area is the place to take a bath, in the winter when taking a bath, the indoor temperature can be imagined, so the choice of shower curtain to take heat resistance into account.Polyester shower curtains are perfectly capable of withstanding such temperatures.
    5.Good wear resistance: polyester wear-resistant performance is only a little less than nylon, and nylon is the best wear resistance material, polyester wear resistance can be imagined, which makes its service life greatly longer.
    6.Strong corrosion resistance: polyester waterproof shower curtain can withstand bleach oxidant, hydrocarbon ketones, petroleum products, also resistant to dilute alkali and mildew, but can be decomposed by heat and alkali.There are many ways to clean.
    The above is a simple introduction of polyester waterproof shower curtain characteristics, I believe you now also to choose polyester waterproof shower curtain reason to understand, I hope this helps you in the selection of waterproof shower curtain.

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