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May 13, 2020 07:07 am    

Beach towels are the cornerstone of beach culture. Whether you admit it or not, apart from bikinis on the beach, I am afraid there is nothing more dazzling than it! It is very embarrassing to forget to bring digital printing beach towels on the beach.

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It's cruel, but I want to tell you that when surfing comes out of the water, there are other people who can still hold them for warmth. And you, you don't even have a proper beach towel.

beach, sea, belle wrapped in tropical plant stripe printed beach towel

Q: Why do you need to bring a beach towel when you come to the seaside?

beauty sitting on beach towel resting and sunbathing on the beach

Bask in the sun.
To rest and bask in the sun on the beach, you need a beach towel that can be insulated from the tide and sand, and enjoy the sea breeze and warm sunshine comfortably.

beauty keeps dry with a beach towel on the beach

Keep dry.
When playing with water outdoors, you can quickly dry the surface of the skin. Because the skin is exposed to the sun in a moist state, the effect of the sun is three times that of the usual, resulting in dry skin, sunburn, sea breeze invading the body, colds, and rheumatism are even worse.

beach, holiday, beautifully printed beach towel

Photo artifact.
A Beach towel is also an essential photo artifact, a good-looking beach towel can make your photo unique. With a printed beach towel , you're one step away from a master photographer.

Even if not at the seaside, beach towels can be used as household bath towels. They are bigger, the pattern more beautiful, and more practical than conventional bath towels.

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