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Nov 11, 2019 01:38 am    

Pillowcases are necessary Household items to maintain normal human life, but sometimes the same style of pillowcases always makes people feel boring, so it's must necessary to add a little creativity, because pillowcases are accompanied in our life, and our life more or less needs a little "design", then when it comes to design, we naturally think of innovation, so the innovation of pillowcases will be What kind? In addition to satisfying the practical functions of the product itself, it integrates fashion in appearance and pursues personalization and interest in design, which can also buffer people's pressure in life and add fun in life. Creative pillow case design adds a little fun to your boring life.

The floating window in the bedroom is a good rest area, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside without leaving home. Holding a pillow can make you sit in the window all day. A comfortable space, a drink, several pillows, a good book in the book sea. When it comes to pillows, we must have pillowcases, which can not only protect the pillows, but also improve the visual enjoyment.

Window + pillow, give me a pillow I can sit for a day

Simple and creative pillow case design, more like wall decoration
Window + pillow, give me a pillow I can sit for a day

Creative pillow case design, change your life boring
Full of creativity
Window + pillow, give me a pillow I can sit for a day

The design of pillowcase conforms to the current popular style, simple and fashionable, and meets the needs of various occasions.
Fantastic creative design

Life needs seasoning everywhere, and it is the novel and ingenious design that provides us with unexpected changeable elements. Whether in the ever-changing household products or in the design of other products, we can enjoy the quality of life.

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